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Real Estate Law

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a home is often the single largest transaction that most individuals enter into. Even if it is not the largest transaction, it is almost always their most important personal and financial transaction. In North Carolina, it is recommended that an experienced real estate attorney be involved in the transaction in order to insure a smooth, efficient, and professional closing. Many of the services involved in the acquisition of a home should not be entrusted to non-lawyers, and one should not risk that most important asset.

We have assembled an experienced team devoted to insuring the proper handling of a residential real estate closing, maintaining sensitivity to the emotional and financial issues that accompany any such purchase. Our services include title examinations to insure the condition of title to the property for the buyer, identifying any legal issues that may impact upon “clean” title and working to address and rectify those issues. We also handle all aspects of the closing process, including dealing with surveyors, homeowners associations, insurance companies, lenders, buyers and sellers, and real estate agents. We insure that the closing process is handled both economically and efficiently, and with a professionalism not available in non-attorney closings. We also address all post-closing issues to insure all aspects of the closing process are completed.

Commercial Real Estate

We represent a number of clients in their commercial real estate transactions. We are also routinely selected by title insurance companies to search title on commercial real estate transactions to insure clean title is conveyed in a transaction. Our commercial real estate transaction includes negotiating contracts for our clients, drafting the various agreements required, representing our clients in structuring transactions, searching title and identifying title issues, and closing the sales and acquisitions of the projects.

Builders and Developers

We represent a number of builders and developers in the area. In that role, we assist our clients in buying and developing projects, addressing zoning and related issues, handling all aspects of financing transactions, developing restrictive covenants, and negotiating contracts.

Affordable Housing Projects

We represent a number of developers of low-income and affordable housing projects for economically disadvantaged individuals or disabled individuals. We advise and assist those clients in various aspects of those transactions, including obtaining low-income tax credits, arranging the sale or syndication of such tax credits, financing the development and construction of the projects, and negotiating contracts and financing terms with financing sources. We represent our clients in all aspects of such affordable housing projects, including addressing all tax, real estate, and business matters.


We represent lenders involved in the foreclosure of properties securing their loans, and act as the trustee in the foreclosure process. This representation includes advising lenders as to their options, and filing all documentation necessary to foreclose on collateral in such a manner as to maximize the return to the secured creditor.